755nm 808nm 1064nm Diode Laser Hair Removal

Laser:Diode Laser
Wavelength:808nm standard; 808nm+755nm+1064nm optional
Power of Handpiece:600Watts (900Watts optional)
Pulse Width:400ms
Pulse Energy:Max 120J/cm2
Frequency:1~10 Hz
Spot Size:15x15mm (Big spot size 20x25mm optional)
Electrical Requirements:230V/110V; 50/60Hz; 10A
Machine Dimension:44 x 33 x 102cm (L x W x H)
Machine Weight:40 KG
Packing Weight:85 KG

Product Description

755nm 808nm 1064nm Diode Laser Hair Removal


Chill-Tip cooling temperature +5 ~ -5°C, cool down the epidermis always below 25°C, permanently remove the hair and greatly reduce the pain, brings extremely comfortable feeling to customers.


1.  Germany Non-Channel Diode Chips, no handpiece burning risk

2.  Big Spot Size offering the most effective hair removal results

3.  Triple wavelengths is available 808nm & 755nm & 1064nm

4.  Circuit breaker protect machine and electrical safety

5.  Warranty 1 year or 6,000,000 shots, lifetime over 20,000,000 shots

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